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Why is my friend not showing in my downline after joining?
Last Updated 7 years ago

Be sure to always send your referral link from the you2surf Affiliate Toolbox to one of your friends.
Check your referral id there to match the link you are sending to your friend.

When your friend clicks the link and sign up right from the first page they see, by clicking Signup or the signup button in that page, they will always have you as their upline. There is no chance this goes wrong, unless they have changed the link or you have send the wrong link.

Ask your friend to check the member homepage, in top they can find their upline under their account information.
If this is not you and you did everything right, you can always contact support.

Be aware in some programs where you set a task to let people join you in you2surf, there will be always a chance they do not join and just try to claim your task.

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