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How got my account suspended?
Last Updated 6 years ago

There are many reasons why your account can get suspended at you2surf.

The most common reason your account got suspended is because you did not solve the captcha page what is in rotation at you2surf.
You will see it for 5 times, and if you do not resolve it, your account gets suspended.
This is for security reasons and to prevent robots to be able to surf at you2surf.

Also the reason can be for trying to cheat or manipulate some games played in you2surf.

But also your account can get suspended for giving in false information in your profile.

Or if the system tries to contact you and your email is not valid or full and the message can not be delivered.
So be sure to have your email and profile updated all the time.

Any how, you can always send in a support ticket, while your account is not accessible.
Support is always here to hear from you and explain why your account got suspended.

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